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A little word from The Poffertjes Kitchen.

From the country known for its windmills, clogs, cheese and bikes, The Poffertjes Kitchen is excited to now share with you another one of its treasures and well kept secrets. The oh so delicious and scrumptious treat called poffertjes, or Dutch mini pancakes as they are known outside the Netherlands.

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What we offer

The Poffertjes Kitchen is a mobile catering service providing freshly made, hot off-the-griddle, Dutch mini pancakes on location. The Poffertjes Kitchen is a family run business with a Dutch founder who grew up enjoying this delicious treat. The Poffertjes Kitchen has become a popular fixture at small and local events, farmer’s markets, Christmas fairs and various large music festivals. It is also a hit for customers who want to treat their guests to something tasty and unique at their birthday party, hen party, stag party, wedding or baby shower.

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  • Authentic

  • Freshly made

  • Mobile Catering

  • Party Hire

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Fresh food – made with love, laughs and care!

The word ‘Poffertjes’ [ poh-fur-jus ] refers to tasty baby pancake puffs, traditionally served with melted butter and a dusting of powdered sugar. However, at the Poffertjes Kitchen we also offer a variety of sweet toppings to please our customers even more.

Nothing compares to freshly made, hot off-the-griddle Dutch mini pancakes, served with a smile and a selection of hot and cold drinks from our compact, but wonderfully decorated, and well-equipped mobile units to provide outside or inside catering for any function you could think of.

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Some Useful Information

Freshly made batter on location
Guaranteed Satisfaction
100% Dutch

Tel: 07841 938 638.

The Poffertjes Kitchen.



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If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much!

Our food is 100% Dutch, freshly made on location and without a doubt, this is a treat you do not want to miss!

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